Greetings All,

The SANDWICH SHACK is back!!

Come to It's Only Natural Vegan Eatery Sandwich Shack every Wednesday for Fresh & Exciting food options that are fulfilling to your senses. Every Friday, there is a full menu of Fresh & Tasty delights just for you.

Come and Enjoy!!  

Enjoy reading the weekly listing of our Vegan Eatery Menus.

We are pleased to be WELCOME YOU  to the VEGAN EATERY  with Dehahtiyah of Green Light Cafe. She continues to prepare mouthwatering and delicious dishes for you to enjoy.

The format is Buffet style, and you are welcome to bring your own bowl.


Go Green!!

We look forward to seeing you at It’s Only Natural’s Vegan Eatery throughout this year of 2014 for Delicious & Nutritious Dishes prepared fresh just for you.

Thank You For Your Continued Support



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